Top 10 Encryption Solution Companies - 2017

DataMotion: Encryption for Digital Business Compliance

Bob Janacek, Co-founder and CEO, DataMotionBob Janacek, Co-founder and CEO
Encryption technologies for data in motion are driven by the need for cybersecurity, privacy law compliance, and reputation protection. From the rather ‘simplistic’ need to encrypt e-mails, enterprises today have begun demanding more. Especially in the wake of ongoing breaches and vulnerabilities, balancing the need for data exchange security and compliance without shutting down the business or negatively affecting the IT budget in the process is a top priority for CISOs. “Encryption that is not integrated seamlessly into a workflow can add extra steps and inconveniences and increase friction and inefficiencies, affecting many organizations such as those in the financial, health, and government sectors—anyplace where valuable and sensitive information is being exchanged to get work done,” says Bob Janacek, the co-founder and CEO of DataMotion, a provider of secure data exchange services that can be stitched into virtually any digital business process.

The company’s secure data exchange platform (DataMotion SDX) can provide mobile apps with secure messaging, be integrated to CRMs, contact centers, and even web portals. Be it encrypted data exchange transactions logged and tracked down to the moment a recipient accesses the encrypted data file, or secure delivery right into a recipient’s inbox without the need for passwords or portals, the DataMotion platform has it covered. Honed by over twenty years of experience, DataMotion’s core encryption technology relies on a ‘trust no one’ architecture. With a governed database at the core—devoid of ‘leakable’ centralized key management or superuser passwords—only the sender and recipients, whether they are users, apps or systems, can access the data payload.

The company takes a concierge approach to implementations, understanding customer workflows and objectives and then matching the right set of protocols, encryption, connectors, and user experience to make the entire process seamless. Depending on the level of integration, secure data exchange can be integrated and running from an hour to a week. The solution can be leveraged in the form of a SaaS model or can be installed as a dedicated instance in datacenters.

We will keep expanding and improving our secure data exchange solution to make digital business compliance effortless for customers, vendors and developers

Despite its robust capabilities, the DataMotion encryption system does not complicate end-user experience and is designed to deliver the data in the most natural and readily available method. The platform leverages open encryption standards such as TLS when possible, as well as OAUTH identity service providers such as Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook via single sign-on capabilities.

When compared to its competitors, DataMotion has an extra edge when it comes to e-mail encryption. The company’s SecureMail portfolio goes beyond baseline ad-hoc email encryption, which Janacek terms as ‘a crowded market with many big tech brand players doing it as a sideline, and many small newcomers hoping they can carve out a niche somewhere.’ In addition to bespoke email encryption solutions, DataMotion also offers a wide range of SecureMail encryption solutions such as ‘secure contact us’ website messaging, secure website e-forms, high volume app-generated secure email automation, and SecureMail APIs which can be integrated into any application or service. They can even handle documents up to 2GB in size.

DataMotion has a clinical healthcare version of its platform which is capable of securely exchanging electronic medical records with a range of systems including EHRs, HIEs and mHealth apps. Included in this version are a number of connectors specific to the healthcare realm such as XDR and Direct Secure Messaging. Building on its success, DataMotion continues to align in accordance with ever-advancing customer demands. For instance, the company added remote identity validation services for one of their healthcare customers, providing ‘Notary Public-like’ ID verification for enrolling patients from a smartphone app. “We will keep expanding and improving our secure data exchange solution to make digital business compliance effortless for customers, vendors and developers.” concludes Janacek.