Top 10 Encryption Solution Companies - 2017

ENC Security: Balancing Security and Usability

Jeroen Wortelboer, CTO, ENC SecurityJeroen Wortelboer, CTO
It is yet another day of achievements for Jeroen Wortelboer, CTO of ENC Security as he finds his inbox full of texts sent by many satisfied clients. Earnestly, he opens one of them, and reads it out, “Hey. Just wanted to say thanks for the great software! My data is better encrypted and safe than with my lawyer and my doctor, for less than 20 dollars.”

The relentless efforts of ENC Security to quickly, easily, and permanently secure critical information and protect privacy has won the company many clients over the years, but what really differentiates ENC is the balance their solutions create between security and usability. “Creating good encryption software is one thing, but making it easy to work with is almost equally important. When a tool is too difficult to work with, it will not support the business needs like it should, and it will be counter-productive,” states Wortelboer. By designing, developing, and providing consulting services for data privacy management software systems for business, consumer, government, and institutional application, ENC keeps confidential information safe, synchronizes it, and backs up the data seamlessly.

The firm’s flagship product, ENC DataVault encrypts the organizational data and also maintains multiple versions of the same file so that users can access a certain version. With the help of ENC DataVault, users can add their own strong layer of protection on top of the security measures provided by the traditional cloud services. This dual authentication gives them virtually impregnable security for their important documents stored in the cloud, And the solution is not limited to cloud, users can create vaults for encrypting and protecting files on most writable media and systems including Mac, PC, and Linux platforms, shared network drives, external hard drives, and additional USB flash drives. The product also has an automatic backup system which syncs the user’s data with the data vaults inside the system.

When installed on a flash drive, you can use the encryption program on any PC or Mac anywhere in the world to access your sensitive data

“For instance, if you run it on a flash drive and plug it in a pre defined trusted system, the system will automatically back up the latest versions of the files in the data vaults, and synchronizes any modified files both ways,” mentions Wortelboer. When installed on a flash drive, you can use the encryption program on any PC or Mac anywhere in the world,” adds Wortelboer. Meanwhile, the ENC DataVault turns a flash drive into a highly secure, private vault where users can store the files they want to protect or archive, whether it is photos, music, videos, documents, in all file types.

When it comes to ease of use, ENC’s solution provides a seamless way to encrypt files. Users can drag and drop files from their computer into the product’s interface which offers them direct access to all of their encrypted vaults. Further, the users can view or decrypt their encrypted files just by double-clicking on them directly in their vaults or dragging the files to their network drive.ENC DataVault leverages an encryption engine that has fast and robust AES-embedded algorithms. Wortelboer informs, “Data storage and archiving needs a quantum—resilient way or the data could be out in the open in 5 to 15 years. Our unique 1024 bits AES implementation utilizes the standard 256 bits encryption function but four times stronger to mitigate what cryptographers know as ‘Grovers’ law.”

For a company that lives and breathes innovation, ENC employs an innovative and customer-centric work culture that reciprocates into their intense focus on maintaining confidentiality and availability of their client’s data. Wortelboer elucidates that the firm will be looking to maintain the same philosophy in the near future by rolling out a ransomware and synchronization solution. These future developments will be a game changer in the industry as the technology will make data available everywhere in a simple and intuitive way.