Forsta: Augmenting Cross-Enterprise Collaboration with Encryption

Pat Sewall, CEO, ForstaPat Sewall, CEO
The Massive influx of mobile, digital and cloud-based realities into operational necessities of businesses ubiquitously challenges their data security. Lack of consciousness amongst employees about the way data is created and shared; and the presence of a number of communication channels increases the chances of data falling in the wrong hands or worse, being misused. Legacy methods ousted by the tremendous upswing of digital innovations fail to protect crucial and sensitive information in vulnerable environments. Forsta, established in 2016 helps companies make a massive leap towards ensuring data security with its advanced encryption solutions. With more than 25 years of experience in telecommunication systems, wireless software, internet services, and embedded electronics, Pat Sewall, CEO of Forsta helps the company bring in high levels of security to enterprise data mobility with its encrypted and extensible cross-enterprise collaboration solutions.

Forsta provides complete control of data including on-premise chat, voice, and video to its clients. “We believe that information related to the workflow of enterprises should be owned entirely by them and not to be stored in the cloud of third parties,” says Sewall. Enterprises can use Forsta right out of the box, or integrate its collaboration capabilities into their critical business workflows. “We also offer one of the best solutions in the market for developers wishing to add full-featured collaboration to their existing applications,” adds Sewall.

Enterprise mobility is one of the prime components in business workflows today, and consequently, the privacy and security of data are of utmost importance, especially in regulated industries. Endpoint security systems can never ensure complete security over the increasing threats in the digital world. For instance, while email is still the status quo for cross-enterprise communication, the tools that make it more secure are inconvenient and often bypassed. Unfortunately, leakage of private information is more pronounced in email than any other communication channel.
Organizations are in search for advanced solutions that help them address security constraints without compromising the ease of communication. Forsta’s solution offers high-end flexibility and can be customized according to the requirements of its clients. Forsta’s team analyses the nature of collaboration, working platforms and objectives of their clients and partners with them for identifying the perfect means of encrypted communication. Additionally, Forsta’s solution stack adheres to the compliance mandates put forth by HIPAA, FINRA, and GDPR.

With the cutting-edge features of its solution stack, Forsta has been able to gain clients from a wide range of industry verticals. For instance, healthcare organizations that interact with patients in vulnerable environments can ensure the security of data by leveraging Forsta’s customizable and flexible platform. Similarly, the encryption solutions of the company help financial institutions make their transactions through a secure channel.

We believe that information related to the workflow of enterprises should be owned entirely by them and not to be stored in the cloud of third parties

Additionally, Forsta’s clients can leverage the company’s AI-powered open source Chatbot integrations for compliance, governance, and workflow automation. The company also delivers standalone web messenger that enables enterprises to synchronize messages with other web-clients. Forsta’s open source component for live chat allows real-time interaction where customers can achieve encrypted chat capability without specific login credentials. It also brings to the table eDiscovery features which help in recovery of valuable data along with ease in pinpointing the same.

Inspired with its plethora of success stories Forsta looks towards a geographical extension in 2019. On the technical side, the company is likely to build more developed resources and tools making it easy to integrate and customize features and functionality to meet the customer needs. It is also on the path of building out integrations into a key line of business apps including Salesforce and Office365.
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Boise, Idaho

Pat Sewall, CEO

Forsta is a team of people working with smart business to provide cutting-edge technology for companies that need encryption solution and data protection. The company helps companies embed, expand, and customize secure cooperation into their business applications–by integrating them into familiar client experiences and applications, removing the complexities of secure collaboration. Forsta’s platform utilizes end-to-end encryption protocol for signals from Open Whisper Systems and provides APIs and SDKs to make fast integration into existing business environments easier. The client companies can use Forsta’s technology solution to operate in their environment to ensure maximum security and control of data. For all major platforms and live chat, Forsta delivers fully featured messaging applications for secure communication from any website through chat, voice, file sharing, and video.